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Same Ad Spend.

20%+ More Results. Guaranteed.

Leadocity is a boutique Google Ads agency for small to medium sized businesses that want to grow without hiring an internal team.

Get a 20% minimum improvement to your bottom line in 30-60 days without you lifting a finger or your money back.

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Leadocity is a Google Premier Partner, a designation awarded to the top 3% of agencies globally.

The Results Speak

A small selection of the client results we deliver:
Sunglass Hut








Commercial Property




When you move to Leadocity, expect to stay a while. Our client retention is so high because we plan for our clients short AND long term success.

Leads Delivered


Total leads and new customers generated for our clients



Consistently high net promoter score across over 100 clients

Happy Clients


Total client projects launched, optimized, and managed

In this book you'll learn how top advertisers:

  • Gain industry dominance in competitive markets
  • Formulate irresistible ad copy
  • Craft offers that are unique, daring, and always evolving
  • Maintain a monetization mindset to achieve superior bidding power

    100+ Companies Have Trusted Leadocity to Transform Their Spend Management

    Elite Agency, Junior Talent?

    Have you hired a fancy agency with lots of big clients, only to be disappointed with results? Here’s the truth, hiring senior PPC talent isn’t easy. As their skillsets mature, they often leave for greener pastures. It’s a reality that agencies must train junior talent on your projects.
    At Leadocity we’ve addressed this issue by developing a tiered internal review method that ensures your campaigns are reviewed each month by expert eyes with over 20 years of PPC strategy experience.

    Here’s what you can expect with Leadocity:

    Other Agencies

    Reporting very good

    Meaningful reports that are easy to understand and helpful for making effective business decisions.
    Complicated or lazy reporting that doesn’t paint the big picture.


    Option for asynchronous video updates. More focus on your account while providing you with the information you need about progress.
    Monthly zoom calls to review the performance report that stands as a walled garden.


    Same day responses and 1-2 day launches. We follow up to confirm campaign launch and performance.
    Slow and incomplete responses to emails. Tasks take days or weeks to be implemented.

    Quality Assurance

    After 20 years, we have solidified our processes. Because we aren’t juggling dozens of clients, we have the bandwidth to perform proper QA of your campaigns.
    Occasionally, offers run past their deadline, spending goes under/over budget, and legal requirements aren’t met.


    Get a team of A-players who care about your business’s success. The main reason we can drive great client results is simply because we care enough to do what it takes.
    Underpaid college graduates who do enough just to not get fired.


    With your best interest in mind, we play the long game. We pay attention to your full funnel to ensure demand is snowballed into the future.
    Underpaid college graduates who do enough just to not get fired.

    Mastering Google's AI

    Google’s AI isn’t just a tool—it’s a game-changer. But like any potent weapon, it requires mastery. Would you trust a novice pilot to fly a cutting-edge jet? Similarly, entrusting your Google Ads to someone unfamiliar with the intricacies of Google’s AI could cost you dearly. Falling for every “best practice” Google suggests might not always be in your best interest.

    The consequences? Sky-high ad costs, unprofitable leads, and missed opportunities. On the other hand, mastering Google’s AI can propel you into the elite top 1% of your industry.

    Exclusive Insights for Powerful Results

    Our journey hasn’t been easy. We’ve poured resources, endured expensive learning curves, and gained invaluable insights. We’ve earned exclusive access to Google’s internal Product Specialists for behind-the-scenes insights into how their machine learning is engineered. And through this rigorous process, we’ve become experts in harnessing the immense power of Google’s AI for businesses.
    Immediate results within 30 days, or your money back.
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