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Leadocity is a Google Premier Partner, a designation awarded to the top 3% of agencies globally.

What We Do




Leadocity crafts a robust strategy for Google and YouTube ads to attract premium leads.

We Work Different

Here’s what you can expect with Leadocity:

Same Day

Part of our embedded approach is to provide the same response time you’d get with an internal team. Even if we don’t have the answer immediately, we’ll acknowledge your request and get back to you ASAP.


In PPC, the reality is it’s easy to make mistakes. Offers run past their deadline, spend goes over budget, legal requirements aren’t met. Because we aren’t juggling dozens of clients, we have the bandwidth to campaigns through proper QA.

Full Funnel

We’re looking for leads that become customers in both the short and long term. We work closely with our clients to develop dashboards that paint a clear picture of CAC to CLV.

in Terms You can

PPC advertising is technical, detailed work. Our goal is to level up campaign performance to business goals you care about.

Every Dollar Has a

Every ad dollar being spent is as efficient as possible and every ad experience that a potential customer has is as impactful and effective as possible.

Strategy and

Know exactly where every marketing dollar is spent and what each dollar is delivering to you with full tracking and transparency

Same Day

Gain all the benefits of expert-level marketers paired with artificial intelligence. We discover and acquire your best quality leads fast.


With our perfected model, you will see positive results within the first 30 days, guaranteed, or your money back.

Winning the Long

We are not interested in short term wins, but in making your business successful for the long term. We keep your future in mind when strategizing for success.

Our Optimization Process

Here’s what you can expect with Leadocity:

Overspending Audit

Unproductive ad spend audit, ID wasted spend

Growth strategies

We have cost savings, now push it into growth


Unproductive ad spend audit, ID wasted spend

Build resonance

Messaging right ad to right person at right time

Drive effectiveness

Experimentation, optimization, testing

Systematize Success

Systematize testing practice for incremental growth

In this book you'll learn how top advertisers:

  • Gain industry dominance in competitive markets
  • Formulate irresistible ad copy
  • Craft offers that are unique, daring, and always evolving
  • Maintain a monetization mindset to achieve superior bidding power

    We consistently mine for wins.

    It takes a bonafide Google Expert to know where at least 20% wins are hiding in most Google Ads campaigns, including yours.

    Imagine what your team will think once you have a more reliable and profitable system for leads and sales that allows you to move on to more impactful areas of the business.

    Immediate results within 30 days, or your money back.
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