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Trust the Repairman: Beating the House at Its Own Game

Oct 10, 2023 • Chelsea So

As a kid in the 90s, my world was full of innocent wonders, and weekends were special because they were filled with visits from my stepdad’s best friend, Pat.

Pat was always good at making people laugh and took a special liking to me. He had an unusual profession that intrigued me: he was a slot machine repairman.

One sunny Arizona day, while we were in the front yard standing next to his pickup truck full of his work equipment, he said something casually to me that I will never forget. He said, “Kid, never put your money in a slot machine.”

I remember looking at him with wide-eyed curiosity, but even at 9 or 10 years old, I understood he knew what he was talking about. He had seen the inside of these machines, understood their mechanisms, and knew the odds better than anyone else.

As I grew older, the simplicity of that advice turned profound in my mind. It wasn’t just about avoiding slot machines. It was a lesson about understanding the inner workings of systems and trusting the experts who were deeply familiar with them.


In the digital realm, as in life, there are systems and structures designed with a specific purpose. Google’s vast empire isn’t just about searches and information; it’s also about steering behaviors, generating clicks, and driving profits. In this massive digital casino, Google is the house, and the house has its ways to ensure it wins.

"In a game where the house always wins, trust the slot machine repair man."

However, as with any game, understanding the rules and the underpinnings is crucial. That’s where our experts come in, the ‘repairmen.’ Just as Pat knew the inner workings of the slot machine, there are those who understand the nuances of Google Ads. They have seen behind the curtain, deconstructed the machinery, and can guide you on how to play the game wisely. And in a game where the house always wins, trust the slot machine repairman.

But here’s a pivotal note of caution: Just as a casino might entice players with promises of grandeur, Google’s own recommendations and advice might not always align with your best interests. It’s designed to benefit the house, after all. While their tools and suggestions can be helpful, approach them with a healthy dose of skepticism. Always cross-reference with your trusted expert.

Remember to be discerning in this labyrinth of digital choices and glittering opportunities. Trust the insights of those who have delved deep but always maintain a questioning mind. It’s a balance between understanding the system and knowing when to challenge it.

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